NHAA Certification Program

     Today the New Hampshire Arborists Association tests and certifies new arborists in New Hampshire. Arborist certification establishes a meaningful standard of quality in arboricultural work, improves the knowledge and skills of practicing arborists, and provides the public with criteria for choosing a tree care professional.
NHAA Certified Arborists are educated in the following areas:
1. Diagnosis and treatment of landscape trees and shrubs
2. Proper pruning and management techniques for valuable landscape trees and shrubs
3. Identifying and selecting appropriate landscape trees and shrubs
4. Installation, establishment, and after-care of landscape trees and shrubs
5. Understanding the important soil and water relationships which affect plant growth
6. Recognizing tree hazards, construction damage, and mitigation
7. Preserving the aesthetic and ecological value of landscape trees and shrubs
8. Understanding and implementing safety requirements for tree care operations including pruning, trimming, repairing, maintaining, and removing trees and cutting brush.

Qualifications and Exam Eligibility Requirements
To qualify as a New Hampshire Arborists Association Certified Arborist, an experienced tree care professional must provide evidence of his/her qualifications as a professional arborist and pass a comprehensive, written examination developed by a committee of experts in industry, research, and government.


The Certification Exam includes the following disciplines:
Tree Identification
Insect and Disease Identification and Life Cycles
Tree Function and Tree Biology
General Practices and Procedures of Arboriculture
Soil Structure, Function, and Biology
Arboricultural Safety (safe work practice)

To qualify for the exam, applicants must meet the following requirements:
♦Candidates must have a minimum of Three Years of Full-Time Experience in Professional Arboriculture.
♦Acceptable Experience includes the practical use of knowledge involved in pruning, fertilization, installation and establishment, diagnosis and treatment of tree problems, cabling and bracing, climbing, or other services that directly relate to professional arboriculture. Examples of experience sources include, but are not limited to tree care companies, nursery personnel, landscape personnel, municipalities, state and federal forestry personnel, instructors of arboriculture/horticulture, consulting arborists, and pest control advisors/applicators.
The eligibility requirement may also be satisfied in one of the following ways:
A Two-Year Degree in Arboriculture and Two Years of Practical Experience
A Four-Year Degree in a Related Field and One Year of Practical Experience
If you are self-employed or own your own company, you will also be required to submit Three Professional Letters of Reference (i.e., professional references of your qualifications as a professional arborist) with your application.

Acceptable Experience Requirements:
Valid experience must be within the last five years and the applicant must be currently employed in professional arboriculture at the time of application.
The scope of practical employment experience shall be in the field of professional arboriculture.
Employment history and employment experience statements must be related to arboriculture and must include name, address, and telephone number for each employer(s) and dates worked for each employer(s).

Acceptable Education Requirements:
Educational experience statements must be related to arboriculture and must include the name of the junior college, college, or university attended; the address of the educational institution; type of degree earned and major; and dates of enrollment (i.e., from: month, year, to: month, year) and total time enrolled.
Complete copies of all College and University Transcripts must be submitted with your application.

(1) Your Practical Experience Statement must accompany your
(2) Formal Application along with your
(3) Exam Fee Payment in order to apply for the Certification Exam.
The New Hampshire Arborists Association Certification Committee Chairperson MUST receive all requirements no later than March 1st for the April exam and September 1st for the October exam.

The New Hampshire Arborists Association sponsors and maintains this Voluntary Certification Program. You may reach us at: treesforus@nharborists.org if you have any questions.
Download your NHAA Certification Application. See NHAA Certification Exam details.