NHAA Certification Exam

The Certification Exam includes the following disciplines:
Tree Identification
Insect and Disease Identification and Life Cycles
Tree Function and Tree Biology
General Practices and Procedures of Arboriculture
Soil Structure, Function, and Biology
Arboricultural Safety (safe work practices)
A Score of 75% or higher must be attained in order to pass the Certification Examination. A passing grade must be scored in each subject area. Pre-registration is required.

The Certification Exam is administered two times per year:
The First Tuesday in April
The First Tuesday in October
We will post the exact Date & Time on the News & Events Page as the exams get closer.
Certification Exam Location:
TCIA Headquarters
136 Harvey Road
Londonderry, NH
You may reach us at:  josephd@bartlett.com if you have any questions

IMPORTANT NOTE: To qualify for the exam, applicants must meet specific requirements: See the NHAA Certification Program web page for details.

Certification Exam Fees
The $65.00 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with the application form. If the applicant passes the exam, he/she will achieve membership in the New Hampshire Arborists Association for the remainder of the year in which the examination is passed.
If the applicant fails the certification exam on two consecutive exam dates, there will be a waiting period of one year before re-examination and the required second payment of the $65.00 application fee will apply.
     Recommendations for study and preparation for the certification examination are available upon request from the Certification Committee Chairperson. In 2000, the New Hampshire Arborists Association established a comprehensive NH Arborists Association Core Collection of Arborist Educational Resources which is permanently housed at the New Hampshire State Library, 20 Park Street, Concord, NH.
     The collection is updated regularly by the New Hampshire Arborists Association and includes recommended educational resources for exam preparation and study. Call the New Hampshire State Library for hours,
to learn more about the NH State Library Project.