How Members Join the Website and Pay Dues Online

To be clear, most of this website is open to the public to read. However, there will be some sections like Member News, and the upcoming store section that will only be visible to logged in members. These website members will only be active NHAA members.
So with that in mind, there is a process here. First active NHAA Members will need to fill out the registration form on the site. There is a link in the sidebar or you can click here>>>  and provide the information requested.
     This will go to a board or staff member to verify against your information on file and then approved. Once verified you will receive an email with links that you can follow to log in.
     We now also have an online payment option for your annual dues as well,
     You will have to be logged in and will receive a prompt to do so on that page. It is a very simple process but secure and will automatically renew your membership.
     Dues, as you know, run the calendar year Jan-Dec and there is a grace period until Jan 31st for membership payments to be made. However, you have the ability to pay your dues at any time after Oct 15th.