History of the New Hampshire Arborists Association

       Founded in 1933 by Miles Standish Watson and Ernie Chase, the New Hampshire Arborists Association is one of the oldest of its kind in the nation. While little is known about the association at that time, it did establish a registration or licensing program carried out by the State of New Hampshire. In 1976 a stalwart band of treemen got together to see if they could revive this group. The group of men, unable to call themselves arborists without blushing, included John Marro, Byron Kirby, Phil French, Phil Merrill, Dave Watson (the son of one of the founders), Larry Collins, and Al Nix. Throughout the years, with aid and encouragement from Alex Shigo, Mary Reynolds, and Sharon Ossenbruggen, the Association has grown in numbers and enthusiasm.
Today, the New Hampshire Arborists Association tests and certifies new arborists in New Hampshire. In addition, the association promotes and encourages continuing education in arboriculture and provides a means of professional self-improvement for those arborists working in the tree care field through meetings, educational programs, and newsletters.

New Hampshire State Library Resources

To begin the new millennium (2000), the New Hampshire Arborists Association established its comprehensive NH Arborists Association Core Collection of Arborist Educational Resources permanently housed at the New Hampshire State Library in Concord, NH.
The association also makes an effort to educate the public about tree care and tree care values through its New Hampshire Community Beautification Awards Program and an educational puppet play for children about trees entitled,"This Is Your Life, Acer Maple!"

Fall Work Day of Service

Perhaps the most lively and fun activity is the annual Fall Work Day of Service. Each year a site is chosen for a day of volunteer tree work. The chosen location is a place whose budget usually does not include tree care. Previous sites have included: Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, Strawbery Banke, the Laconia State School, Crossroads House, Cathedral of the Pines, Saint Gaudens National Historic Site, the Valley Street Cemetery, Urban Forestry Center, YMCA and scout camps, and the New Hampshire State House, to name a few.
New Hampshire is a small state with few tree care companies, but the quality of the work and the gathering and sharing of knowledge is a tribute to the founders and supporters of the New Hampshire Arborists Association.


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Past Presidents

Robert Allen
Brian Salas
Scott Carlson
Scott Knapp
Joseph E. Davis
Peter Hoag
Ernest Chase
Lawrence V. Collins
William C. Collins
Harvey C. Donaldson
Lawrence P. Fay
A. Philip French
Jeffrey Garland
Richard Herfurth
Edward Hopkins
Winn I. Johnson
Byron L. Kirby
John A. Marro
Tim Marshall
Jeff W. Ott
Mary K. Reynolds
Donald R. Ross
Leon W. Stevens
Jeffrey M. Taylor
David B. Watson
Myles Standish Watson