WHEN:   Saturday, October 20th, 2018.  Rain or shine.

WHERE:   Stark Park, North River Road, Manchester NH

WHAT:    The landscape at the Historic Stark Park is made up of medium-sized and large mature trees that are in need of structural and deadwood pruning.  This will be an excellent opportunity to increase your skills of structural pruning while helping spread the word of the New Hampshire Arborist Association at a beautiful setting that needs and deserves our expertise.  You can also check out the new Gingko the New Hampshire Arborist Association planted at the park for this year’s Arbor Day celebration!

TIME:  Coffee will be on at 7:30 AM, Lunch will be provided at noon, and the final clean-up will be complete by 2:00.


*This is an annual event chosen at different locations and always proves to be fun and very rewarding for the entire Association* Please plan on attending for fellowship amongst our group!

Any equipment is encouraged and appreciated.  There is no use for a crane on this site.

Please contact Joe Davis at 603 234 7732 or or Bob Allen at 339 987 1799 for equipment availability and questions.